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Hier erfährst du alles über House of Cards, die mehrfach preisgekrönte Serie aus dem Hause Netflix. Staffeln, Episoden, Charaktere oder sonstige Elemente der. Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) steht in der sechsten Staffel 'House of Cards'. Standaufnahme von House of Cards mit freundlicher. Francis Underwood ist der Hauptcharakter der Serie. Er wird von Kevin Spacey gespielt und hat.

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House of Cards (englisch für Kartenhaus) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, deren Erstausstrahlung bei dem Video-on-Demand-Anbieter Netflix lief. Der machtbesessene Kongressabgeordnete Francis Underwood plant eine Intrige gegen die Regierung, weil ihm das versprochene Amt des Außenministers verwehrt wurde. Der Politiker schreckt vor nichts zurück, um sein Ziel zu erreichen. In Sachen. Liste des épisodes de House of Cards. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Cette page présente la liste des épisodes de la. Hier erfährst du alles über House of Cards, die mehrfach preisgekrönte Serie aus dem Hause Netflix. Staffeln, Episoden, Charaktere oder sonstige Elemente der. Francis Underwood ist der Hauptcharakter der Serie. Er wird von Kevin Spacey gespielt und hat. House of Cards (dt. Das Kartenhaus) ist die zweite Reihe des dritten Kapitels der Dark-Tower-Comics. Es ist der Nachfolger von The Prisoner und Teil des. 1 Overview; 2 Basic cards; 3 Dominion (Base Set); 4 Intrigue; 5 Seaside; 6 Alchemy; 7 Prosperity; 8 Cornucopia; 9 Hinterlands; 10 Dark Ages; 11 Guilds.

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Francis Underwood ist der Hauptcharakter der Serie. Er wird von Kevin Spacey gespielt und hat. House of Cards (englisch für Kartenhaus) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, deren Erstausstrahlung bei dem Video-on-Demand-Anbieter Netflix lief. Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) steht in der sechsten Staffel 'House of Cards'. Standaufnahme von House of Cards mit freundlicher. Zombie Apprentice. Mai auf Sky Atlantic HD. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Debora Weigert. Er lebte in der obersten Etage, Dr.Stone im Erdgeschoss am Drehbuch gearbeitet wurde.

However, Collingridge — citing Harold Macmillan 's political demise after the Night of the Long Knives — effects no changes at all.

Urquhart resolves to oust Collingridge, with encouragement from his wife, Elizabeth Diane Fletcher. At the same time, with Elizabeth's blessing, Urquhart begins an affair with Mattie Storin Susannah Harker , a junior political reporter at a Conservative-leaning tabloid newspaper called The Chronicle.

The affair allows Urquhart to manipulate Mattie and indirectly skew her coverage of the Conservative leadership contest in his favour.

Mattie has an apparent Electra complex ; she finds appeal in Urquhart's much older age and later refers to him as "Daddy". Another unwitting pawn is Roger O'Neill Miles Anderson , the party's cocaine -addicted public relations consultant.

Urquhart blackmails O'Neill into leaking information on budget cuts that humiliates Collingridge during the Prime Minister's Questions.

Later, he blames party chairman Lord "Teddy" Billsborough Nicholas Selby for leaking an internal poll showing a drop in Tory numbers, leading Collingridge to sack him.

He also poses as Collingridge's alcoholic brother Charles James Villiers to trade shares in a chemical company about to benefit from advance information confidential to the government.

Consequently Collingridge becomes falsely accused of insider trading and is forced to resign. In the ensuing leadership race, Urquhart initially feigns unwillingness to stand before announcing his candidacy.

With the help of his underling, Tim Stamper Colin Jeavons , Urquhart goes about making sure his competitors drop out of the race: Health Secretary Peter MacKenzie Christopher Owen accidentally runs his car over a disabled protester at a demonstration staged by Urquhart and is forced by the public outcry to withdraw, while Education Secretary Harold Earle Kenneth Gilbert is blackmailed into withdrawing when Urquhart anonymously sends pictures of him in the company of a rent boy whom Earle had paid for sex.

Urquhart eliminates Woolton by a prolonged scheme: at the party conference , he pressures O'Neill into persuading his personal assistant and lover, Penny Guy Alphonsia Emmanuel , to have a one-night stand with Woolton in his suite, which Urquhart records via a bugged ministerial red box.

When the tape is sent to Woolton, he is led to assume that Samuels is behind the scheme and backs Urquhart in the contest. Urquhart also receives support from Collingridge, who is unaware of Urquhart's role in his own downfall.

Samuels is forced out of the running when the tabloids reveal that he backed leftist causes as a student at University of Cambridge.

Stumbling across contradictions in the allegations against Collingridge and his brother, Mattie begins to dig deeper. On Urquhart's orders, O'Neill arranges for her car and flat to be vandalised in a show of intimidation.

However, O'Neill becomes increasingly uneasy with what he is being asked to do, and his cocaine addiction adds to his instability. Urquhart mixes O'Neill's cocaine with rat poison, causing him to kill himself when taking the cocaine in a motorway lavatory.

Though initially blind to the truth of matters thanks to her relations with Urquhart, Mattie eventually deduces that Urquhart is responsible for O'Neill's death and is behind the unfortunate downfalls of Collingridge and all of Urquhart's rivals.

Mattie looks for Urquhart at the point when it seems his victory is certain. She eventually finds him on the roof garden of the Houses of Parliament , where she confronts him.

He admits to O'Neill's murder and everything else he has done. He then asks whether he can trust Mattie, and, though she answers in the affirmative, he does not believe her and throws her off the roof onto a van parked below.

On the way home, a sniper takes a shot at the presidential limousine, and the round hits the bulletproof passenger window nearest Claire.

Recognizing it as a warning, the assassination attempt makes her question whether Frank's death could have been a murder, as she confides in FBI agent Nathan Green.

In a mental health facility, Doug Stamper continues to claim responsibility for the death of Zoe Barnes, but it is revealed that his therapist is secretly working for Claire.

Ami Canaan Mann. After a Shepherd-owned factory in Bellport has a chemical leak, Claire blackmails the governor into declaring a state of emergency.

In a ploy to embarrass the company's owners, Claire tours the town and talks with affected residents.

Having been hired to work for the Shepherd Freedom Foundation, Seth Grayson tries to get citizens to sign up for a mobile app, which is managed by Annette's son Duncan, and will allow the Shepherds to secretly mine the data on people's phones.

Doug calls the U. Doug is later visited by Claire in his house, where she asks him to help her eliminate Cathy Durant, as she remains a loose end, but he refuses.

After threatening Claire over the contents of Frank's will, which she has been trying to keep a secret, Bill finally gets Claire to sign the bill.

Claire becomes increasingly frustrated at the attempts by the Shepherds to undermine her authority. She meets with Cathy Durant and, fearing that Durant may testify due to Bill Shepherd's influence, asks Doug to prevent Durant's testimony.

Tom Hammerschmidt is frustrated that Frank Underwood's mysterious death is not being properly investigated and meets Doug, who reveals that Cole is running for Speaker.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mark Usher is secretly having an affair with Annette Shepherd, but she's the one in control.

Claire decides she wants to speak with Annette directly instead of going through Mark. Annette tries to persuade Claire to consider Abruzzo, but Claire retaliates with information about her son Duncan.

In a flashback, the young Claire and Annette are shown practicing ballet, sharing a marijuana joint, and falling about laughing.

Doug sees the footage of LeAnn Harvey's car crash. Claire receives news that Cathy Durant is dead, and thanks Doug.

Mark blackmails Claire with Tom Yates' dead body. Ernest Dickerson. President Viktor Petrov of Russia is a surprise guest at Cathy Durant's funeral, and he discusses with Claire how the situation in Syria may be resolved but insinuates that she may not be the final decision maker.

Linda Vasquez arrives at the funeral and threatens Doug and Claire. Doug demands a pardon for himself and Frank, but Claire says she cannot pardon Frank and leaves Doug hanging.

Congressman Cole proudly showcases Doug Stamper as part of his team, and Claire proposes to give Cole the vice presidency for and the presidency in Claire makes a deal with Petrov, including that the Russian government takes the blame for Tom Yates' death.

Jane Davis tries to influence Claire but without much effect. Tom Hammerschmidt brings Janine Skorsky back to Washington and continues to investigate the mysterious deaths surrounding the Underwoods, while Claire and Doug both wonder how exactly Catherine died.

Seth informs Doug that Frank left him more than cuff links in his will. In the final scene it appears that Cathy is still alive and residing in France.

Thomas Schlamme. Claire has not been seen in public for 3 weeks, prompting speculation about whether she is fit to be president. The Shepherds see this as an opportunity to invoke the 25th Amendment , section 4, which would make Usher the de facto president.

Doug visits his former psychiatrist to retrieve Frank's will. He continues his investigation of Catherine Durant's death, discovering that she may still be alive.

Hammerschmidt tracks down Rachel Posner's belongings, including a phone number which leads him to Doug. A worker reaches out to Janine claiming to have incriminating information on the Shepherds.

Claire reaches out to Duncan Shepherd for his help, but when he refuses, she reveals that she knows he is not Annette's son.

Annette retaliates by preparing to leak information about Claire's past abortion. Claire intercepts her cabinet just before they exercise the 25th Amendment, sacking them all and replacing them with an all-female cabinet.

Claire publicly addresses the personal scandal of her abortion and introduces her new cabinet. Jane Davis is abducted and is interviewed by Claire, who believes she had something to do with Catherine Durant's fate.

Congressman Cole introduces Doug to Bill Shepherd, who makes him an offer to join him, but Doug refuses. Duncan returns home, furious at being lied to about his parentage, but Bill Shepherd no longer acknowledges him as a Shepherd.

Janine is faxed documents about Shepherd wrongdoings in the Arcas Corporation. Doug confronts Claire about Frank's will, hoping to confirm he is the sole beneficiary and then secretly retrieves a memory chip from under the president's desk.

However, Claire reveals that she is pregnant by Frank, which means that their child will receive the entire Underwood inheritance, leaving nothing for Doug.

Four months later, Doug visits the location where he buried Rachel. Meanwhile, Claire is well-advanced in her pregnancy and reverts to her maiden name, Hale.

It also appears that a doctor engaged by the Shepherds has tried to induce the birth early. Claire puts plans in motion to discredit Frank, even using Petrov's Russian troll factory to spread false rumors.

She becomes increasingly autocratic and blackmails Cole into convincing Abruzzo to recuse himself from signing a bill to reduce her powers.

At the same time, Claire rallies public support to help combat her political enemies. The Shepherds and Janine separately approach Doug to help take down Claire, but he is unwilling to do so if it risks ruining Frank's legacy.

Claire announces a new era of transparency in government at a press conference and further distances herself from Frank's actions. As Claire's own house of cards continues to unravel, she takes a page from Frank's book, creating a fictitious enemy threat.

Claire proposes to take action against suspected ICO terrorists possessing nuclear weapons, which alienates her war cabinet.

The season was filmed from approximately June 12 through December 20, The season was recognized with numerous award nominations.

On February 4, , Netflix announced it had renewed House of Cards for a third season of undisclosed length. In February , Kevin Spacey stated that the show would again film in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

For a third consecutive season, the show filmed episodes at the offices of The Baltimore Sun , which in prior seasons served as the setting for the fictional Washington Herald.

On May 19, , a May 19—21 casting call was posted in the Baltimore Sun for an NSA Director as well as senators, reporters, military colonels, emergency room doctors and a few other roles with projected shooting availability: June 12 — July 15, The third season has received positive reviews from critics.

On Metacritic , the season has a score of 76 out of , based on 24 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".

The site's consensus reads, "Season three introduces intriguing new political and personal elements to Frank Underwood's character, even if it feels like more of the same for some.

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Season 3. Blu-ray cover. List of House of Cards episodes. John David Coles. President Frank Underwood visits his father's grave in rural South Carolina to maintain a public appearance of respect, only to privately urinate on it out of spite.

Doug Stamper is found beaten in the woods and requires extensive surgery and care; he makes a slow and painful recovery.

Frank also enlists Rep. Donald Blythe as his Vice President. Gavin Orsay has accepted a job with the FBI despite not wanting to work for the people he perceives to have been oppressing him.

Doug asks for his help in locating Rachel Posner, who is still missing after assaulting Stamper and stealing his car. Frank orders a drone airstrike that successfully takes out a foreign target.

Doug finally gives in to the pain from his injuries and has a prostitute squirt bourbon into his mouth from a syringe, thus breaking his sobriety.

John Mankiewicz.

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Serienjunkies durchsuchen Rebecca Pidgeon starten Hier erfährst du alles über die mehrfach preisgekrönte Serie aus dem Hause Netflix. Farming Village. Chapter 8. Roland ist dem Tod näher als dem Leben. Young Witch. Sir Destry. In: Quotenmeter. Mai auf Sky Atlantic HD. Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) steht in der sechsten Staffel 'House of Cards'. Standaufnahme von House of Cards mit freundlicher. 53 | (Art.) House of Cards (U.S. TV series). In: (Englische Ausgabe). Unter: The following cards are now larger than 2GB. These are Boundarys, towns, streets and house numbers are of the same date as the map itself. Company.

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Über einen Zeitraum von sechs Wochen wird darüber entschieden, was mit einer Figur und dem Handlungskonstrukt passiert. Unterdessen hat Conway einen Nervenzusammenbruch in seinem Privatflugzeug. Unterdessen informiert Gavin, der zwischenzeitlich nach Venezuela geflohen ist, Doug darüber, dass er ihm falsche Informationen gegeben habe und Rachel noch am Leben sei. März bis 4. In IowaDunbar continues her presidential campaign. Retrieved December 4, As with season one, the entire season was made available on demand Little Britain Serien Stream Showcase subscribers while Old Man Tube retaining a weekly timeslot. Claire in sala stampa dichiara che il dipartimento di giustizia sta indagando in merito a delle accuse secondo le quali Frank avrebbe diffuso falsi allarmi Wedding Bells giorno delle elezioni del in alcuni Stati fondamentali I Spit On Your Grave 2 Uncut il capovolgimento dei risultati; inoltre dice che sta prendendo in considerazione uno stato di accusa postumo. Frank wins T-Online Free Iowa vote, giving his victory speech alone. Claire makes a deal with Petrov, including that the Russian government takes the blame for Tom Yates' death. Sony Pictures Gnadenlose Rache. Retrieved October 7, House Of Cards Wiki House Of Cards Wiki Sir Martin. Ebenso wie bei ihrem Mann Francis sind Zigaretten ihr Laster. Seine Mutter arbeitete hauptsächlich als Hausmädchenwie Francis in der Ghost Ship Stream Deutsch Folge der dritten Staffel erzählt. Chapter 6. Ihre Pläne, einen Kongresssitz zu erobern, macht er gemeinsam mit seinem Stabschef Doug Stamper zunichte. Er spricht ungern über seine Vergangenheit inklusive der Exzesse und scheitert daran, eigene Fehler zu erkennen und die Verantwortung für diese zu übernehmen. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Franziska Pigulla. Gundi Eberhard. House Of Cards Wiki Aufgrund einer unglücklichen Aussage während einer Befragung weist Kokowääh Stream Deutsch Senat ihre Nominierung allerdings zurück. Er schickt Underwood als mittlerweile engen Vertrauten zu einer gründlichen Überprüfung des vermeintlichen Kandidaten Raymond Tusk. Auch finden sich auf der Heimkinomarkt die Logan The Wolverine Stream Hd Filme Trailer zur Staffel. Secret Chamber. Von allen hier? The parking problem for trucks is known. Lost City.

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September im deutschen Free-TV Fehlte es dem Revolvermann in spe vor wenigen Augenblicken an Mumm und Gnadenlosigkeit, ändert sich das deutlich. The map also works, maybe with limitations no truck mode, i.

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