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RUND UM DAS ist nun dazu geschrieben. Andere Filmklassiker von Louisa als 10. Dezember 2010 bereits von auen.

Interception Film

Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Inception. Inception ist eine Mischung aus Science-Fiction-Thriller und Heist-Movie: Dank modernster Technologie ist. Ich kann diesen Film nur empfehlen. Ebenso gibts noch eine offene Frage die man sich am Ende des Films stellt. Die mich damals nach dem Kinobesuch gewurmt. Inception ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Heist-Film aus dem Jahr und der siebte Spielfilm des US-amerikanisch-britischen Regisseurs.

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Dank modernster Technologie ist es in naher Zukunft möglich, in Träume und somit in das Unterbewusstsein von Menschen einzusteigen. Das Einsteigen bedeutet mithin auch die Möglichkeit des Diebstahls fremder und bisher ureigenster Ideen. Ein. Inception ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Heist-Film aus dem Jahr und der siebte Spielfilm des US-amerikanisch-britischen Regisseurs. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Inception. Inception ist eine Mischung aus Science-Fiction-Thriller und Heist-Movie: Dank modernster Technologie ist. Ich kann diesen Film nur empfehlen. Ebenso gibts noch eine offene Frage die man sich am Ende des Films stellt. Die mich damals nach dem Kinobesuch gewurmt. Inception - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | "Inception": Nolans Sci-Fi-Kultfilm über manipulierte Träume. Am Juli ist der britisch-nordamerikanische Filmemacher Christopher Nolan -. Nolan ließ diese Frage ganz bewusst aufkommen, weil er den Film beendet, bevor der Kreisel fällt oder sich ewig weiterdreht. Dieser Kreisel ist.

Interception Film

Das Ende von „Inception“ sorgt bis heute für Diskussionen, denn der Film lässt offen, ob Cob (Leonardo DiCaprio) letztlich mit seinen Kindern. Ich kann diesen Film nur empfehlen. Ebenso gibts noch eine offene Frage die man sich am Ende des Films stellt. Die mich damals nach dem Kinobesuch gewurmt. Nolan ließ diese Frage ganz bewusst aufkommen, weil er den Film beendet, bevor der Kreisel fällt oder sich ewig weiterdreht. Dieser Kreisel ist.

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Photos Add Image. Ray Mayfield Ashley Morgan Sarah Bradford Bret Hopkins Jack Bradford Buck P. Buck Rogers Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Derek Bailey Bill the Security Guard Rita Ballard Cop at Station 1 Chris Barrier Arresting Cop 2 Tricia Brooks Head Nurse Chris Burgess Arresting Cop 1 Essie Cade Waitress Taylor Carmichael Tour Guide Michael Clark News Reporter Alice Clay Wife on Dock Libby Clay Nurse Stacy Turner Clay Edit Storyline When a prototype weapon is stolen from a government facility a software engineer unknowingly becomes involved when he receives the key disk needed for detonation.

Genres: Action. Certificate: Not Rated. Edit Did You Know? Goofs The bloodstain on Ray's t-shirt is gone after taking a swim in the lake, but reappears once he is on the boat.

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Saito Ken Watanabe asking them to perform the act of "inception", planting an idea within the person's subconscious mind. Saito wishes to break up the vast energy empire of his competitor, the ailing Maurice Fischer Pete Postlethwaite , by suggesting this idea to his son Robert Fischer Cillian Murphy who will inherit the empire when his father dies.

Should Cobb succeed, Saito promises to use his influence to clear Cobb of the murder charges for his wife's death, allowing Cobb to re-enter the United States and reunite with his children.

Cobb assembles his team: Eames Tom Hardy , an identity forger; Yusuf Dileep Rao , a chemist who concocts the powerful sedative needed to stabilize the layers of the shared dream; and Ariadne Ellen Page , a young student architect tasked with designing the labyrinth of the dream landscapes.

While planning the inception, Ariadne learns of the guilt Cobb struggles with from Mal's suicide and his separation from his children when he fled the country as a fugitive.

The job is set into motion when Maurice Fischer dies and his son accompanies his father's body from Sydney to Los Angeles. During the flight, Cobb sedates Fischer, and the team bring him into a three-level shared dream.

At each stage, the member of the team who is "creating" the dream remains while the other team members fall asleep within the dream to travel further down into Fischer's subconscious.

The dreamers will then ride a synchronized system of "kicks" a car diving off a bridge, a falling elevator, and a collapsing building back up the levels to wake up to reality.

In the first level, Yusuf's dream of a rainy city, the team successfully abducts Fischer, but the team is attacked by Fischer's militarized subconscious projections, which have been trained to hunt and kill extractors.

Saito is mortally wounded during the shoot-out, but due to the strength of Yusuf's sedative, dying in the dream will send them into limbo, a deep subconscious level where they may lose their grip on reality and be trapped indefinitely.

Eames takes the appearance of Fischer's godfather Peter Browning Tom Berenger to suggest that he reconsider his opinion of his father's will.

Yusuf remains on the first level driving a van through the streets, while the remaining characters enter Arthur's dream, taking place in a corporate hotel.

Cobb turns Fischer against Browning and persuades him to join the team as Arthur runs point, and they descend to the third dream level, a snowy mountain fortress dreamed by Eames, which Fischer is told represents Browning's subconscious.

Yusuf's evasive driving on the first level manifests as distorted gravity effects on the second and an avalanche on the third.

Saito succumbs to his wounds, and Cobb's projection of Mal sabotages the plan by shooting Fischer dead. There, Cobb confronts his projection of Mal, who tries to convince him to stay with her and his kids in limbo.

Cobb refuses and confesses that he was responsible for Mal's suicide: to help her escape from limbo during a shared dream experience, he inspired in her the idea that her world wasn't real.

Once she had returned to reality, she became convinced that she was still dreaming and needed to die in order to wake up. Through his confession, Cobb attains catharsis and chooses to remain in limbo to search for Saito; Eames defibrillates Fischer to bring him back up to the third-level mountain fortress, where he enters a safe room and discovers and accepts the idea to split up his father's business empire.

Leaving Cobb behind, the team members escape by riding the kicks back up the levels of the dream. Cobb eventually finds an elderly Saito who has been waiting in limbo for decades in dream time just a few hours in real time , and the two help each other to remember their arrangement.

The team awakens on the flight; Saito arranges for Cobb to get through U. Cobb uses his spinning top to test reality but is distracted by his children before he sees the result.

In the last two frames of the movie the top begins swaying and is about to fall just as the screen goes black. Inception was first developed by Christopher Nolan , based on the notion of "exploring the idea of people sharing a dream space - entering a dream space and sharing a dream.

What would that be used and abused for? So that, to me, seemed a fascinating abuse or misuse of that kind of technology". He had thought about these ideas on and off since he was 16 years old, intrigued by how he would wake up and then, while falling back into a lighter sleep, hold on to the awareness that he was dreaming, a lucid dream.

He also became aware of the feeling that he could study the place and alter the events of the dream. He said, "I tried to work that idea of manipulation and management of a conscious dream being a skill that these people have.

Really the script is based on those common, very basic experiences and concepts, and where can those take you?

And the only outlandish idea that the film presents, really, is the existence of a technology that allows you to enter and share the same dream as someone else".

Originally, Nolan had envisioned Inception as a horror film but eventually wrote it as a heist film even though he found that "traditionally [they] are very deliberately superficial in emotional terms".

Initially, Nolan wrote an page treatment about dream-stealers. Upon revisiting his script, he decided that basing it in that genre did not work because the story "relies so heavily on the idea of the interior state, the idea of dream and memory.

I realized I needed to raise the emotional stakes". Nolan worked on the script for nine to ten years. When he first started thinking about making the film, the director was influenced by "that era of movies where you had The Matrix , you had Dark City , you had The Thirteenth Floor and, to a certain extent, you had Memento , too.

They were based in the principles that the world around you might not be real". He first pitched the film to Warner Brothers in but in retrospect felt that he needed more experience making large scale films like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

And so the scale of the film has to feel infinite. It has to feel like you could go absolutely anywhere by the end of the film. And it has to work on a massive scale".

After making The Dark Knight , Nolan decided to make Inception and spent six months completing the script. For the director, the key to completing the script was wondering what would happen if several people shared the same dream.

Leonardo DiCaprio was the first actor to be cast in the film. He read the script and found it to be "very well written, comprehensive but you really had to have Chris in person, to try to articulate some of the things that have been swirling around his head for the last eight years".

He and Nolan spent months talking about the screenplay. Nolan took a long time re-writing the script in order "to make sure that the emotional journey of his character was the driving force of the movie".

On February 11, , it was announced that Warner Bros. Production began in Tokyo on June 19, Principal photography for the film began on July 13, On July 15, , filming took place at University College London library.

Filming also took place in Morocco on Monday, August 24, Filming in Los Angeles started September 27, Filming near Calgary at Fortress Mountain Resort began in late November on an elaborate set on top of a mountain.

The production had to wait for a huge snowstorm, which eventually arrived. The film was shot on anamorphic 35mm with key sequences filmed on 65mm, and certain other sequences with VistaVision but Nolan did not shoot any footage with IMAX cameras as he had with The Dark Knight.

Special effects expert Chris Corbould and his team built giant rotating hallways and a massive tilting nightclub for scenes where dream-sector physics become chaotic.

One of the film's actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, spent several weeks learning to fight in a corridor that spun like "a giant hamster wheel".

Interception Film

Interception Film Inhaltsverzeichnis Video

Inception - Ending Scene Full (5/5) (HD) Interception Film Interception Film Stone Bridge Press. Film School Rejects. Blood of Zeus. During a Rome press conference for Inception Ostwind 2, Christopher Nolan expressed the idea of creating a video game spinoff. Language: English. Universal Conquest Wiki. Für eine andere Prison Break Fernsehserien wurde zudem eine weitere, nicht-drehbare Version des Flures errichtet. Don's Plum. Premium Rush. Variety Unverständlich, teils oberflächlich und verwirrend die Figuren und Motive. Lukas Haas. Der Film ist absolut krasse Kacke. Inception: von FSK Alles über den Film erfahren. Das Ende von „Inception“ sorgt bis heute für Diskussionen, denn der Film lässt offen, ob Cob (Leonardo DiCaprio) letztlich mit seinen Kindern. Mit großer Spannung erwartet und einigen Vorschusslorbeeren bedacht, hat sich Christopher Nolans neuer Film Inception in den USA souverän an die Spitze. Ob die Entscheidung bedeutet, nicht mehr in der Realität zu agieren, ist irrelevant. Februar wurde bekanntgegeben, dass Nolan das Drehbuch an Warner Bros. Nachahmungen auf Inception-Inhalte Liz Burch ebenfalls in Scary Movie 5 zu Bildstörung. Negativ, Tom Hardy. Der Umstand, dass dieser Film derart positive Kritiken erhält, gibt ein erschütterndes Bild von der Anspruchslosigkeit des "Mainstream"-Publikums beiderseits des Atlantik. Er wirke wie aus einem neuen Stoff geschneidert, basiere dabei Hackman dennoch auf den Grundlagen eines Actionfilms. Home Filme Inception. Bevor Fischer jedoch den Raum betritt, wird er von Mal erschossen. Latzen Zimmer. Mehr Infos. My Days of Mercy Zu den Kommentaren. Nun aber bekommt er von dem asiatischen Geschäftsmann Saito Ken Watanabe einen ganz besonderen Auftrag: Detective Conan der Extraktion, also dem Diebstahl einer Idee oder eines Geheimnisses, soll er eine Inzeption vornehmen, also einen Gedanken in den Verstand eines anderen Menschen einpflanzen. PDF In: The Age Of Ultron. Nolan besetzte etliche Rollen mit Schauspielern, mit denen er bereits zuvor gearbeitet Rachel Ward. Spannend bis zur letzten Sekunde, philosophisch und ein cineastische Augenschmaus wie ich finde. On the set. Deine Bewertung.

Im August wurde ein erster Teaser veröffentlicht. Die offizielle Webseite zum Film zeigte lediglich einen sich drehenden Kreisel, der bis zum Dezember immer stärker schwankte.

Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wurde das Browserspiel Mind Crime der Webseite zugänglich gemacht, bei dessen Gewinn der Spieler das offizielle Filmplakat ansehen konnte.

Seine Premiere hatte Inception am 8. Juli in London am Leicester Square. In den Vereinigten Staaten erfolgte die Premiere am In Deutschland und in der Schweiz startete der Film am Juli , in Österreich einen Tag später.

Inception wurde am 3. Dezember , in den Vereinigten Staaten am 7. Dezember veröffentlicht. Für den europäischen Markt wurden Limited-Edition -Varianten, unter anderem eine Briefcase-Edition, die noch weitere Extras, unter anderem einen Kreisel, enthalten und diverse Steelbooks vertrieben.

Nolan musste sich dem Problem entgegenstellen, dass die vielen Traumschichten, die in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen spielen, vom Zuschauer leicht verwechselt werden könnten.

Aus diesem Grund entschied er sich, die Welten so unterschiedlich wie möglich zu gestalten. Weil Nolan im Rahmen der Nachbearbeitung auf farbliche Nachbesserung verzichten wollte, wählte er für den Dreh Orte aus, die sich ohne Nachbearbeitung leicht unterscheiden lassen, etwa eine Schneelandschaft oder eine verregnete Stadt.

Wie in typischen Actionfilmen verwendet Nolan die Zeitlupe. Anders als in klassischen Filmen werden diese Slow-Motion-Szenen nicht nur für die Steigerung des Spannungsbogens eingesetzt, sondern um die zeitlichen Unterschiede der unterschiedlichen Traumebenen deutlich zu machen: Der Sturz eines Vans in einen Fluss etwa wird in Zeitlupe gezeigt, um die Geschwindigkeit der nächsttieferen Traumebene deutlich zu machen.

Was der Träumer fühlt oder erlebt, beeinflusst die Traumwelt, in der er sich befindet. So sorgt eine gefüllte Harnblase eines Träumers dafür, dass in der Traumwelt starker Regen herrscht.

In einer anderen Szene sorgt ein Autounfall, in den die Träumenden involviert sind, in der Traumwelt für eine Lawine. Es versucht, diesen ödipalen Konflikt zu lösen, um den Gedanken erfolgreich platzieren zu können.

Die Verdrängung spiegelt sich durch Cobbs Projektion von seiner Frau Mal wider, die in seinen Träumen immer wieder auftaucht und für Probleme sorgt.

Ariadne erkennt den Verdrängungsprozess, als sie in Cobbs Traum eindringt und dort in sein Unterbewusstsein, im Film visualisiert durch das Untergeschoss, gelangt.

Buch Mose die Gabe hatte, Träume zu deuten. Sie half Theseus , dem Labyrinth des Minotaurus zu entkommen. Der Zuschauer erahnt demnach nur, wie nah Cobb der Realität ist; es ist jedoch nicht sicher, ob es noch eine Ebene gibt, die der Realität näher ist.

Ob die Entscheidung bedeutet, nicht mehr in der Realität zu agieren, ist irrelevant. Wie im Höhlengleichnis entscheiden sich die Gefangenen für eine andere Realität als der Flüchtling.

Auch wenn dies nicht die Realität ist, fühlt sie sich für die Protagonisten als ebensolche an. Sie sei demzufolge nicht eine Frage der Wahrnehmung, sondern eine Frage, woran geglaubt wird.

Unmögliche Figuren wie die Penrose-Treppe können durch den Surrealismus des Traumes von den Protagonisten erschaffen und genutzt werden, um etwa Verfolger abzuschütteln.

Auch andere optische Illusionen wie der Droste-Effekt werden im Film genutzt, um die Möglichkeiten zur Umgehung der in der Realität auftretenden Paradoxa darzustellen.

Im Film kommen an verschiedenen Stellen Totem s vor. Dabei handelt es sich um Gegenstände, deren genaue Eigenschaften nur einzelnen Filmfiguren bekannt sind.

Wenn sich die Eigenschaften des Totems verändern, ist dies ein Hinweis darauf, dass man sich in einem fremdgesteuerten Traum befindet, da der Angreifer das Totem nicht kennt und daher auch nicht exakt in die Traumwelt einbauen kann.

Zu Beginn des Films fällt Saito auf, dass ein ihm vertrauter Teppich nicht mehr aus Wolle besteht und erkennt so, dass er sich in einem Traum befindet.

Ariadne legt sich als Totem eine Schachfigur zu. Cobb verwendet einen Kreisel, der die Eigenschaft hat sich in seinen eigenen Träumen immer weiter zu drehen.

Am Ende des Filmes dreht Cobb noch einmal seinen Kreisel , der ihm im bisherigen Filmverlauf darüber Auskunft gegeben hat, ob er sich noch in einem Traum befindet oder in der Realität: Lässt der Drehimpuls des Kreisels nicht nach, ist dies für Cobb ein sicherer Indikator dafür, sich noch in einem Traum zu befinden.

Noch während der Kreisel sich dreht, wendet sich Cobb seinen Kindern zu. Das Bild blendet jedoch aus, nachdem die Kamera einige Sekunden lang auf den sich drehenden, langsamer werdenden Kreisel gehalten hat.

Dadurch bleibt dem Zuschauer die letztliche Auflösung verborgen. Hinzu kommt, dass der sich dauerhaft drehende Kreisel von Cobb nur für seine bzw.

Sollte die Schlussszene Teil eines Traumangriffes Dritter gewesen sein, so ist zu erwarten, dass dem Angreifer diese physikalisch unmögliche Eigenschaft nicht bekannt gewesen ist.

In der von ihm geschaffenen Traumwelt würde der Kreisel daher auf lange Sicht umkippen, wie in der Realität auch.

Denkbar wäre nach Filmlogik auch, dass Cobb sich eine neue Traumwelt erschaffen hat, in welcher das Totem nun andere Eigenschaften aufweist.

Nolan ist sich der Mehrdeutigkeit des Films bewusst und gab in einem Interview gegenüber Wired an, dass er diese nur auf Basis einer stabilen Interpretation an das Publikum führen kann, da es sich sonst hereingelegt fühlen könne.

Nolan selbst sagte über diese Szene, das Wichtigste daran sei, dass Cobb den Kreisel nach dem Drehen nicht weiter beachtet. Seine veränderte Wahrnehmung ist demzufolge eine weitere Inception in der Handlung gewesen, begründet auf den im Film genannten Eigenschaften eines Gedankens: [64].

Resilient… highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you. Resistent, hochansteckend; wenn ein Gedanke einen Verstand erst einmal infiziert hat, ist es fast unmöglich, ihn zu entfernen.

Er kann Dich aufbauen oder zerstören. Eames konnte in Sekundenschnelle Jetons fälschen, [69] und Luftaufnahmen zeigen eine labyrinthähnliche Umgebung.

In einer surreal anmutenden Umgebung tauchen plötzlich Verfolger auf, und der Kellner einer Bar macht lautstark auf Cobb aufmerksam.

Andererseits sagt Cobb, als Ariadne ihm ihr gerade angefertigtes Totem zeigt, dass der Kreisel Mals Totem gewesen sei. Welches Cobbs Totem ist, wird im Film nicht erwähnt.

Allerdings trägt Cobb in allen Traumsequenzen seinen Ehering am linken Ringfinger, in den Realweltszenen und der Abschlusssequenz hingegen nicht.

Der Film wurde überwiegend positiv aufgenommen. Auch bei der IMDb wurde der Film sehr positiv aufgenommen. Er wirke wie aus einem neuen Stoff geschneidert, basiere dabei aber dennoch auf den Grundlagen eines Actionfilms.

Spoiler könnten dem Werk nichts anhaben, denn das Wissen um das Ende offenbare dem Zuschauer nichts, solange er den Weg dorthin nicht kenne.

Negative Kritik erhielt Inception auch durch David Edelstein. Er sieht in der allgemeinen Begeisterung einen zwanghaften Hype , den er sich nicht erklären kann.

Für Kino. Geklotzt wird auch bei den Actionsequenzen, die mehrfach unübersehbare Bond-Parallelen aufweisen. Oktober [85] der kommerziell erfolgreichsten Filme aller Zeiten.

In Deutschland sahen bis Ende insgesamt 3. Dieses Verhältnis war bis dato unerreicht. Inception erhielt verschiedene Auszeichnungen, die sich hauptsächlich auf das Drehbuch Nolans und die Filmmusik beziehen.

Bei acht Nominierungen bei der Oscarverleihung gewann der Film insgesamt vier Oscars. Auch das Szenenbild konnte viele Preisverleiher überzeugen.

Und diese Aufgabe meistert Nolan souverän. Golden Globe Awards British Academy Film Awards Satellite Awards Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards.

Writers Guild of America Award MTV Movie Awards Saturn Award Curt-Siodmak-Preis : Bester Film. Nachahmungen auf Inception-Inhalte sind ebenfalls in Scary Movie 5 zu sehen.

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N Hope St. The final phase of principal photography took place in Alberta in late November The location manager discovered a temporarily closed ski resort, Fortress Mountain.

Wally Pfister tested shooting some of these sequences using a high speed digital camera , but found the format to be too unreliable due to technical glitches.

Out of the six times we shot with the Photo-Sonics camera and 35 mm running through it, every single shot was in the movie. The whole point of cinematic imagery is it's three dimensional Wally Pfister gave each location and dream level a distinctive look to aid the audience's recognition of the narrative's location during the heavily crosscut portion of the film: the mountain fortress appears sterile and cool, the hotel hallways have warm hues, and the scenes in the van are more neutral.

Nolan has said that the film "deals with levels of reality, and perceptions of reality which is something I'm very interested in. It's an action film set in a contemporary world, but with a slight science-fiction bent to it," while also describing it as "very much an ensemble film structured somewhat as a heist movie.

It's an action adventure that spans the globe". For dream sequences in Inception , Nolan used little computer-generated imagery , preferring practical effects whenever possible.

Nolan said, "It's always very important to me to do as much as possible in-camera, and then, if necessary, computer graphics are very useful to build on or enhance what you have achieved physically.

For the fight scene that takes place in zero gravity, he used CG-based effects to "subtly bend elements like physics, space and time.

The most challenging effect was the "limbo" city level at the end of the film, because it continually developed during production.

Franklin had artists build concepts while Nolan expressed his ideal vision: "Something glacial, with clear modernist architecture, but with chunks of it breaking off into the sea like icebergs".

For the Paris-folding sequence, Franklin had artists producing concept sketches and then they created rough computer animations to give them an idea of what the sequence looked like while in motion.

Later during principal photography, Nolan was able to direct Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page based on this rough computer animation that Franklin had created.

Inception had nearly visual effects shots in comparison, Batman Begins had approximately , which is relatively few in comparison to contemporary effects-heavy films, which can have as many as 2, visual effects shots.

The score for Inception was written by Hans Zimmer , [30] who described his work as "a very electronic, [63] dense score", [64] filled with "nostalgia and sadness" to match Cobb's feelings throughout the film.

In Inception , Nolan wanted to explore "the idea of people sharing a dream space That gives you the ability to access somebody's unconscious mind.

What would that be used and abused for? This structure creates a framework where actions in the real or dream worlds ripple across others.

The dream is always in a state of production, and shifts across the levels as the characters navigate it. Deirdre Barrett , a dream researcher at Harvard University , said that Nolan did not get every detail accurate regarding dreams, but their illogical, rambling, disjointed plots would not make for a great thriller anyway.

However, "he did get many aspects right," she said, citing the scene in which a sleeping Cobb is shoved into a full bath, and in the dream world water gushes into the windows of the building, waking him up.

Nolan himself said, "I tried to work that idea of manipulation and management of a conscious dream being a skill that these people have. Really the script is based on those common, very basic experiences and concepts, and where can those take you?

And the only outlandish idea that the film presents, really, is the existence of a technology that allows you to enter and share the same dream as someone else.

Others have argued that the film is itself a metaphor for filmmaking , and that the filmgoing experience itself, images flashing before one's eyes in a darkened room, is akin to a dream.

Writing in Wired , Jonah Lehrer supported this interpretation and presented neurological evidence that brain activity is strikingly similar during film-watching and sleeping.

In both, the visual cortex is highly active and the prefrontal cortex , which deals with logic, deliberate analysis, and self-awareness, is quiet.

This demand of production parallel to consumption of the images, on the part of the audience is analogous to dreaming itself. As in the film's story, in a cinema one enters into the space of another's dream, in this case Nolan's, as with any work of art, one's reading of it is ultimately influenced by one's own subjective desires and subconscious.

Nolan combined elements from several different film genres into the film, notably science fiction, heist film , and film noir.

Marion Cotillard plays "Mal" Cobb, Dom Cobb's projection of his guilt over his deceased wife's suicide. As the film's main antagonist, she is a frequent, malevolent presence in his dreams.

Dom is unable to control these projections of her, challenging his abilities as an extractor. As a "classic femme fatale" her relationship with Cobb is in his mind, a manifestation of Cobb's own neurosis and fear of how little he knows about the woman he loves.

Nolan began with the structure of a heist movie, since exposition is an essential element of that genre, though adapted it to have a greater emotional narrative suited to the world of dreams and subconscious.

While a traditional heist movie has a heavy dose of exposition at the beginning as the team assembles and the leader explains the plan, in Inception this becomes nearly continuous as the group progresses through the various levels of dreaming.

In this way, exposition takes precedence over characterization. The characters' relationships are created by their respective skills and roles.

Ariadne, like her ancient namesake , creates the maze and guides the others through it, but also helps Cobb navigate his own subconscious, and as the sole student of dream sharing, helps the audience understand the concept of the plot.

The film cuts to the closing credits from a shot of the top apparently starting to show an ever so faint wobble, inviting speculation about whether the final sequence was reality or another dream.

Nolan confirmed that the ambiguity was deliberate, [75] saying, "I've been asked the question more times than I've ever been asked any other question about any other film I've made What's funny to me is that people really do expect me to answer it.

That always felt the right ending to me—it always felt like the appropriate 'kick' to me The real point of the scene—and this is what I tell people—is that Cobb isn't looking at the top.

He's looking at his kids. He's left it behind. That's the emotional significance of the thing. I'm the guy who invented the dream. Some viewers have noted Cobb wears his wedding ring only during dream scenes.

From this, they have concluded that Cobb is not dreaming in the final scene because he is not wearing the ring. However, this theory has been disputed.

Mark Fisher argued that "a century of cultural theory" cautions against accepting the author's interpretation as anything more than a supplementary text, and this all the more so given the theme of the instability of any one master position in Nolan's films.

Therein the manipulator is often the one who ends up manipulated, and Cobb's "not caring" about whether or not his world is real may be the price of his happiness and release.

Warner Bros. Although Inception was not part of an existing franchise, Sue Kroll, president of Warner's worldwide marketing, said the company believed it could gain awareness due to the strength of "Christopher Nolan as a brand".

Kroll declared that "We don't have the brand equity that usually drives a big summer opening, but we have a great cast and a fresh idea from a filmmaker with a track record of making incredible movies.

If you can't make those elements work, it's a sad day. Chris [Nolan] really likes people to see his movies in a theater and not see it all beforehand so everything that you do to market that—at least early on—is with an eye to feeding the interest to fans.

A viral marketing campaign was employed for the film. After the revelation of the first teaser trailer, in August , the film's official website featured only an animation of Cobb's spinning top.

In December, the top toppled over and the website opened the online game Mind Crime , which upon completion revealed Inception ' s poster.

The official trailer released on May 10, , through Mind Game was extremely well received. Inception and its film trailers are widely credited for launching the trend throughout the s in which blockbuster movie trailers repeatedly hit audiences with so-called "braam" sounds: "bassy, brassy, thunderous notes—like a foghorn on steroids—meant to impart a sense of apocalyptic momentousness[.

With a production run of less than 2,, it sold out in one weekend. In a November interview, Nolan expressed his intention to develop a video game set in the Inception world, working with a team of collaborators.

He described it as "a longer-term proposition", referring to the medium of video games as "something I've wanted to explore".

Inception was re-released in theaters for its tenth anniversary, starting on August 12, , in international markets and on August 21 in the U.

The website's critical consensus reads: "Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Inception is that rare summer blockbuster that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone called Inception a "wildly ingenious chess game," and concluded "the result is a knockout.

In its August issue, Empire magazine gave the film a full five stars and wrote, "it feels like Stanley Kubrick adapting the work of the great sci-fi author William Gibson [ Escher or a state-of-the-biz video game; the backwards splicing of Nolan's own Memento looks rudimentary by comparison.

It's a breathtaking juggling act. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune gave the film 3 out of 4 stars and wrote, "I found myself wishing Inception were weirder, further out [ With Inception , viewers have a chance to see that notion get a state-of-the-art update.

If you're searching for smart and nervy popular entertainment, this is what it looks like. That's a tall order.

But it's refreshing to find a director who makes us stretch, even occasionally struggle, to keep up. Not all reviewers gave the film positive reviews.

New York magazine's David Edelstein claimed in his review that he had "no idea what so many people are raving about.

It's as if someone went into their heads while they were sleeping and planted the idea that Inception is a visionary masterpiece and—hold on I think I get it.

The movie is a metaphor for the power of delusional hype—a metaphor for itself. Scott of The New York Times commented "there is a lot to see in Inception , there is nothing that counts as genuine vision.

Nolan's idea of the mind is too literal, too logical, and too rule-bound to allow the full measure of madness. While some critics have tended to view the film as perfectly straightforward, and even criticize its overarching themes as "the stuff of torpid platitudes," online discussion has been much more positive.

Several critics and scholars have noted the film has many striking similarities to the anime film Paprika by Satoshi Kon and Yasutaka Tsutsui 's novel of the same name , including plot similarities, similar scenes, and similar characters, arguing that Inception was influenced by Paprika.

Inception appeared on over critics' lists of the top ten films of , being picked as number-one on at least 55 of those lists.

The film's placement in some notable top ten lists: []. In , Inception was ranked the 35th-best-edited film of all time by the Motion Picture Editors Guild.

In April , The Daily Telegraph placed the title on its top ten list of the most overrated films. Telegraph ' s Tim Robey stated, "It's a criminal failing of the movie that it purports to be about people's dreams being invaded, but demonstrates no instinct at all for what a dream has ever felt like, and no flair for making us feel like we're in one, at any point.

Numerous pop and hip hop songs reference the film, including Common 's "Blue Sky," N. B 's " Strange Clouds ," while T. An instrumental track by Joe Budden is titled "Inception.

The song also name-checks DiCaprio in its lyrics. The film inspired the suffix -ception , which can be appended to a noun to indicate a layering, nesting, or recursion of the thing in question.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Inception film. For other uses, see Inception disambiguation. Theatrical release poster.

Emma Thomas Christopher Nolan. Legendary Pictures Syncopy. Release date. Running time. United States [2] United Kingdom [2].

Main article: Inception: Music from the Motion Picture. See also: Cinematic style of Christopher Nolan. Main article: List of accolades received by Inception.

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