“Internet and Politics: from Local to Global Politics” Section Program at the ECPR General Conference 2016 – Prague

Carolinum_LogoThe 2016 General Conference will be held at Charles University in Prague from the 7th to 10th September. This year the program includes more than 60 sections, and over 300 Panels crossing most disciplines of political science.

In line with the I&P Standing Group tradition, the General Conference Program includes a SG section entitled from “Internet and Politics: from Local to Global Politics“. The  Section is chaired by Andrea Calderaro and Alexandra Segerberg, and it includes 7 panels. This Section explores Internet and Politics across its multiple dimensions in a global and comparative perspective, addressing the influence of digital technologies in national and international politics, across actors, geographies and political systems. In order to reach this goal, the Section includes the following panels:

Thursday 8 Sept.2016

09.00 – 10.40
Digital Intermediaries and Political Communication
Chair: Rasmus K. Nielsen

15.50 – 17.30
Global Internet Governance: Actors, Regulations, Transactions, & Strategies
Chair: Meryem Marzouki and Andrea Calderaro

Friday 9.Sept.2016

09.00 – 10.40
Internet & Political Participation: Traditional Question & New Res. Designs
Chair: Jean-Gabriel Contamin and Jean-Benoit Pilet

11.00 – 12.40
Online Campaigning in a Global Context
Chair: Andrea Calderaro

13.00 – 14.00
Internet & Politics SG Business Meeting – Faculty of Arts, Room FA325

14.00 – 15.40
Online Research Methods: From Survey to Big Data
Chair: Andreas Jungherr

14.00 – 15.40
SM & European Politics: New Issues of Power & Legitimacy in the Digital Era
Chair: Augusto Valeriani

Saturday 10.Sept.2016

09.00 – 10.40
Social Movements, Activism and Digital Media
Chair: Anastasia Kavada