The Standing Group on Internet and Politics endorsed this year’s Theme Section on Cyberpolitics

Graduate Conference in Tartu/Estonia, July 10th until July 13th

Young researchers gathered to discuss their latest research projects related to internet and politics.

The section consisted of five panels: Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security (chair: Adam Drew, London/UK), Governance and Participation Online (chair: Nadja Wilker, Düsseldorf/Germany), Parties and Political Organizations on the Internet (chair: Regina Renner, Wuerzburg/Germany), Political Participation Online – A Users’ Perspective (chair: Thomas Weiler, Düsseldorf/Germany), Social Movements in the Digital Sphere (chair:  Jasmin Fitzpatrick, Mainz/Germany) and Voting Advice Applications (Jonas Israel, Düsseldorf/Germany).

Three to five papers were presented in each panel. This left enough time for intense discussion and feedback. Participants experienced plenty of constructive criticism from a friendly audience. The social program was perfect to continue discussion and connect for future collaboration.

The ECPR Graduate Conference 2016 provided an excellent working atmosphere for young researchers of Internet and Politics. The section was chaired by Jasmin Fitzpatrick (Mainz/Germany) and co-chaired by Jonas Israel (Düsseldorf/Germany).