Call for Internet & Politics Section for the ECPR General Conference – University of Glasgow, 3/6 September 2014


The Internet and Politics SG is happy to support the preparation of a Section Proposal for the 8th ECPR General Conference to be held at the University of Glasgow on 3-6 September 2014.

Sections consist of approximately 8 panels and each panel includes 4 – 5 Papers.

The Section proposal requires:

1) The proposed Section Chair and Co-Chair to have a MyECPR account. The proposed Section Chair needs to belong to an institution that is a full member of the ECPR. The proposed Co-Chair can come from a full member, an associate or a non-member institution.

2) A Section title.

3) An Abstract of no more than 1000 words which summarises the key aims and objectives of the Section and includes ideas for the Panels and Papers.

Process for Sections and Panels

2014 will see the introduction of a new improved two-staged process. This is the call for Section proposals, which will be followed by a call for Panels and Papers in December.

Section chair candidates who are  interested in receiving the SG’s endorsement and support need to send their draft proposal to the conveners of the Internet and Politics Standing Group, Andrea Calderaro ( and Anastasia Kavada ( by 8 November 2013. 

Following the evaluation and endorsement of the SG, the proposal should then be submitted to the ECPR via the ECPR online system (accessible here) by 15 November 2013. The final selection by Academic Conveners is scheduled in early December.

Please do not hesitate to contact the SG’s conveners for any further information at: /