“Internet & Politics” Program at the ECPR General Conference ’13 Bordeaux 4-7 Sept.

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The Standing Group on Internet & Politics is supporting the Internet & Politics Section at the ECPR General Conference held in Bordeaux on September 4-7 2013. Previous Internet and Politics Sections at ECPR General Conferences in Potsdam (2009) and Reykjavik (2011) have shown an interest of many political scientists in the field. This year, the Section, titled “Internet & Politics: towards New Concepts in Political Science?” aims to investigate how the development of Internet studies is challenging and developing classic concepts in political science, such as “party”, “participation”, or “citizenship”. Conversely, we also want to consider how some of the main approaches within social science – such as gender studies, new institutionalism, constructivism or rational choice theory – are influencing the field of Internet and Politics. Overall we hope the section will show the relevance of Internet and Politics scholarship for addressing and understanding broader ongoing debates in the discipline and how our work can inform established fields of political enquiry .

11 panels are included within the section, representing 55 papers that were selected among more than 110 proposals :

· The Cyberspace and IR: Conceptual and Theoretical Considerations (chairs: Jan-Frederik Kremer and Benedikt Müller)

· Digital Government and the Data Deluge (chairs: Amanda Clarke and Helen Margetts)

· E-Diplomacy between Promises and Reality (chair: Corneliu Bjola)

· The Impact of Digital Technology on Contemporary Repertoires of Contention (chairs: François Briatte and Yana Breindl)

· Internet and International Politics: Comparing Opportunities and Rising Challenges (chair: Andrea Calderaro)

· Offline and Online Political Participation: Comparing Forms and Logics (chairs: Thierry Vedel and Stéphanie Wojcik)

· Partisanship and the New Media: The Effect of the Internet on the Stability of Political Attitudes (chairs: Ana S. Cardenal and Joan Balcells)

· Political Parties in the Digital Age: Has Everything Been Said? (chairs: Fabienne Greffet and Andrea Römmele)

· Public Opinion in the Internet Age (chairs: Matthew Wall and Laura Sudulich)

· The Role of Online Media in Politics (chair: Alexander Trechsel)

· Young Citizens’ Socially Mediated Voice in a Cold Economic Climate: Revising Equality and Online Participation (chairs: Brian Loader and Ariadne Vromen)

Please check the ECPR online program for further details and paper’s abstracts

Also a meeting of the Standing Group will be held at the General Conference:

Thursday Sept 5th, from 12:40 to 14:00, room E 102. 

We will be looking forward to meeting you in Bordeaux.