After Reykjavik

The section received over 30 panel proposals and 130 paper proposals. We selected 8 panels to be included in the section’s programme (the maximum number allocated to a section) and a further 3 panels were held jointly with other sections. The selected panels reflected the diverse topics in our field, ranging from emerging forms of collective action, to electoral politics, e-voting and voting advice applications, local e-government initiatives, as well as new methodologies for studying e-politics. Discussions were lively and engaging and the quality of papers was consistently high, demonstrating the increasing sophistication of research in our field. Panels were extremely well-attended, in some cases reaching an audience of 150 participants. This actually persuaded the ECPR organizing committee in Reykjavik to move the section in bigger rooms that the one initially allocated to us.

The success of this section is the result of a long process and of a collective project that benefited from the contributions of many people : the panel chairs who put together and coordinated successfully up to 7 papers per panel, the paper givers who presented such interesting work, the discussants who unfailingly offered constructive criticism to papers in their session, the chairs of other sections – Alice Mattoni and Donatella della Porta for the section ‘Contentious Politics’ and Darren Lilleker and Peter van Aelst for the section ‘Political Communication’ – who coordinated with us in holding joint panels, and the SG conveners Fabienne Greffet and Stephen Ward, for their determinant support. Let us thank you all for making the process work so efficiently and for helping to put together such a good section in Reykjavik.

We are really pleased that the success of this section has further established research in Internet and Politics within the framework of the ECPR and we are sure that this will motivate the SG to achieve new successes.

Finally, a quick note : those who are not members of the ’Internet and Politics’ ECPR Standing Group, please consider registering to the group by sending an email to:

You can also join the Standing Group on Facebook at :

Yours, Andrea Calderaro and Anastasia Kavada


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